Maryland Home Purchase Grant Programs

    At ExecuHome Realty, New Maryland Home Purchase Grant Programs Are

    Now Available And Allow You To Buy A Home With As Little As $1,500 Down…  

    The “ExecuHome Buyer’s Savings Program” is now available exclusively through ExecuHome Realty and its mortgage lending partners in the State of Maryland, and how it works is simple.

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    And Move Into Your New Home WITHIN 45-60 DAYS!

    • As little as $1500.00 moves you in… all you pay for is the appraisal, property inspections, and first year’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Everything else is covered for you.

    • This is a NORMAL 30-Year FHA mortgage, not “alternative” financing.

    • This program is for purchasing a home, NOT “Rent to Own”, you will own your home on Day 1.

    • You can move into your new home in as little as 45-60 days.

    • You do NOT need to be a 1st time buyer to qualify for our program.

    • Your credit does NOT have to be perfect but does require a minimum credit score of 620.

    • The program can only be used for a home you plan on living in (not for investments)

    • The program uses ONLY “in-state” lenders, local within the State of Maryland… No out of town or online lenders.

    • MAXIMUM PURCHASE PRICE MUST NOT EXCEED $400,000 (in most parts of Maryland)

    • You must earn less than approximately $100,000 per year to qualify in most Maryland counties (slightly more in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County)

    We are ready to answer your questions about how you can use our programs to get into your new home quickly and affordably…

    Call ExecuHome Customer Support At 443-632-3800 Or Use The Form Below And We Will Be In Touch With You Directly…