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Maryland Empty-Nesters – A Sizeable Group of Prospective Buyers

One strategy for selling your Maryland home is to recognize the segment of the general public most likely to appreciate its inherent features, then be sure your sales approach will appeal to them.  That doesn’t mean you should turn your back on all the other groups of buyers, of course—but it does mean you will make a deliberate effort to be especially sensitive to that group’s preferences, and highlight the features that are most likely to top their wish lists…

Empty Nesters

When the Target Audience is Empty-Nesters…

The majority of current Baltimore empty-nesters belong to the baby boomer generation.  They are somewhere between 50 and 68 years of age, and there are about 75 million of them in the U.S.—nearly a quarter of the population. Empty-nesters are parents who currently don’t have any of their kids living with at home.  Most empty-nest buyers are looking for a permanent address to settle down in as they hit their later years.  The question is, what features make a home most desirable to empty nesters?

Moderate Space

What can be slightly tricky about general rules for selling a home to this population is that although most are set on downsizing, they don’t want to feel shoehorned into their space, either.  Empty-nesters are often moving out of a home that has become demonstrably too large after the kids moved out.  But that can also mean that they are used to a lot of space—probably don’t want to be crammed into a tiny house that can’t accommodate children and grandchildren when they do come to visit.

It’s going to be a compromise.  “Moderate space” would most likely be no more than 3 bedrooms and no fewer than 2—with two bathrooms the norm.  This description offers nesters the possibility of catering to hobbies on a day-to-day basis, while still allowing some accommodations for guests.  More significant properties—those with 4 or more bedrooms— are more likely to find success by marketing messaging that points toward growing families.

Easy to Maintain

As always, it’s a selling ‘must’ to ensure that your Maryland home is shipshape!  When prospects are able to see how much care you’ve put into your property, they are that much easier to interest than when it’s clear they will be required to come up with their own extra sweat and budget dollars.  When you know that part of your preparation will include replacements, it’s a good idea to emphasize ease of maintenance in your choices. Examples are gutters that are shielded, windows that tilt up for easy cleaning inside and out, etc.

Whether or not your home is likely to attract Maryland empty-nesters, knowing what part of the market will have the most likely prospects—and how to shape the sales messaging accordingly—is part of the no-obligation consultation we offer everyone who is deciding how they will go about selling their home.  Give us a call to schedule one this week at 443-632-3800.

We are “Maryland’s Own Real Estate Company” and we can’t wait to help you buy and/or sell your next home!


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