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Frederick County, MD Real Estate Explore Homes for Sale in Frederick County, MD!

Welcome to Frederick County, MD

A rapidly growing part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, Frederick County courts a long history that began in the colonial era of the mid-1700s. Circled by a lush forest and foothills on the west, and the busy Washington region on the east, Frederick County and its series of tiny hamlets feel like a bridge between the big city lights and the peaceful, meandering streets of “Small Town, America”.

The county is an extraordinarily historic locale with evidence of colonial America infusing downtown Frederick, the county’s most populous city. The county feels both very rural in certain areas, but also features just about everything you might need on a regular basis, like restaurants, shopping, medical facilities, and schools. The county is a peaceful place to raise a family, but it’s also got its share of entertainment for young couples with a thriving downtown arts and entertainment district in Frederick.


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Frederick MD Real Estate

Real Estate in Frederick County

In the populated areas of Frederick County, you’ll find many cozy, mid-century homes built shortly after the close of World War II. These homes are the picture-perfect example of a starter home for a growing family. If you take a drive down a neighborhood street in Frederick, you’ll see tidy lawns, friendly families, and the feeling that you’re in an established neighborhood that’s been home to generations of Americans.

To accommodate the rapid growth in Frederick County, places like Frederick have also experienced a modest building boom in the last few decades. In recently constructed neighborhoods, you’ll find everything from townhouses built to look like colonial row houses to brand new luxury homes with several thousand square feet and a view of the county’s gorgeous countryside.

You’ll also find stately brick homes built in a style reminiscent of the Federal Era, which was a style popular right after the birth of the United States. Inside many of the new homes built this century, you’ll find custom features like second kitchens, butlers’ pantries, two-story entry foyers, and exceptionally large finished basements. The county also features many parcels of land that offer the chance to build your own custom home on a few idyllic Maryland acres where you’re still close enough to commute into Baltimore or Washington D.C.


Explore Homes for Sale in Frederick County, MD

Living in Frederick, MD

Frederick is Frederick County’s main city, and this thriving community sits in the shadow of the Appalachian mountain’s graceful foothills. The area around Frederick was used for centuries by members of the Iroquois Confederation as a major crossroads in the region, and Europeans came to the area in the early 1700s.

The downtown area of Frederick features a very walkable feel that’s full of historic and beautiful 19th-century row houses. “Forbes” magazine dubbed this area of Frederick as one of the “Greatest Neighborhoods” in the country. Downtown Frederick also exudes a very creative vibe with no less than ten art galleries located along its streets.

As you travel out from the city’s extraordinary downtown, with its beautifully maintained historic charm, you’ll see evidence of suburbia and 20th-century growth that stretches outward to neighborhoods like Carrollton and Field Pointe. Threaded along these neighborhoods that span many decades of American history, you’ll find many beautiful parks and open spaces. Those green areas eventually give way to pastoral hills dotted with little neighborhoods that feel very bucolic even though they’re just a few minutes from Frederick’s city center.


Highly-Rated Schools in Frederick, MD

The highest density of schools in Frederick County is in Frederick, which features several lauded and award-winning public and private schools. For example, the marching band of Linganore High School has won several awards in the past decade, including the USBands Maryland State Championship. Frederick County also features many schools in various unincorporated areas of the region.


What to Do, Where to Go in Frederick County

Frederick County is a wonderfully historic area to explore and boasts three of the state’s eight remaining covered bridges. Approaching one of these amazing old bridges feels like you should be snapping the reins in a horse and carriage. While visiting the county’s covered bridges, you may also choose to travel along the region’s scenic roadways like the Catoctin Mountain Loop or the Catoctin Mountain National Scenic Byway, which will take you all the way from Virginia to Pennsylvania.

Frederick also offers residents a hefty number of delicious downtown bistros, bars, and restaurants. Whether you’re out with friends and looking for an Irish pub for entertainment or want a dining experience with some evening entertainment, you’ll find a restaurant to enjoy in downtown Frederick.

Frederick County offers an incredible number of tourist-worthy experiences with its historic sites, scenic byways, and outdoor activities, which means that if you’re lucky enough to live in the county, you’ll experience a lifetime’s worth of fun, learning, and entertainment.

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