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    Before You Sell… Add Value To Your Maryland Home In 4 Simple Steps!

    By Admin | July 7, 2015

    As soon as you decide that you will be putting your current property up for sale, no matter if it’s in Parkville, Perry Hall, Columbia, or Ellicott City, the same rules apply.  No matter if you trying to sell very soon or at some point in the foreseeable future… you HAVE to get strategic about growing... Read More

    Maryland Renters Face Trend Toward Continuing Rent Hikes

    By Admin | July 1, 2015

    “WHY YOUR RENT CHECK JUST KEEPS GOING UP” was the headline in CNN Money’s real estate special report in July 2015, which could have explained to Maryland renters (especially in Baltimore) why it is that their rents keep rising faster than home values. After all, that doesn’t seem to make sense! The list of reasons... Read More

    Are Open Houses in Maryland Still Effective Selling Tools?

    By Admin | June 30, 2015

    For years, almost since the beginning of the Real Estate Industry itself, there was little debate about the need for Open Houses for homes for sale in Maryland: almost without exception, unless the seller of a Baltimore home for sale objected, at least one or two open houses were an accepted part of how most... Read More

    “Location, Location, Location” Is Important for Your Maryland Residence, too!

    By Admin | June 11, 2015

    “There’s No Place like Home” is one of those quaint sayings that somehow lasts forever, probably just because it’s so true.  “Home is Where the Heart Is” is another one: corny, maybe, but just as undeniably true. There’s also a saying, spoken most often in the real estate industry, that Maryland residents will recognize at once,... Read More

    Make Calculations Before Committing to a New Home in Maryland

    By Admin | June 9, 2015

    No matter what neighborhood in Maryland you are looking in, whether it be Canton, Perry Hall, Timonium, Ellicott City, or Annapolis it is ALWAYS better to be prudent and at least somewhat businesslike when it comes to making your final Real Estate decision.  The financial stakes are certainly very high, and to some extent, much... Read More

    Overcoming Rival Bids in Today’s Baltimore Real Estate Market

    By Admin | May 20, 2015

    It was only a few years ago that the last thing a prospective Greater Baltimore home buyer had to worry about was being outbid.  Those were the days when the bottom seemed to be falling out of Maryland’s real estate market.  Anyone brave enough to be looking to buy at a time when the real... Read More

    Maryland Empty-Nesters – A Sizeable Group of Prospective Buyers

    By Admin | May 18, 2015

    One strategy for selling your Maryland home is to recognize the segment of the general public most likely to appreciate its inherent features, then be sure your sales approach will appeal to them.  That doesn’t mean you should turn your back on all the other groups of buyers, of course—but it does mean you will... Read More

    Avoid Buying a Maryland Home at the Top of Your Price Range!

    By Admin | May 17, 2015

    At some point while weighing the pros and cons of buying a new home in town, you begin to mentally fix on a price range.  If you are able to depend on a family income that’s fairly predictable, the issue is simplified.  However, if not (small business owners, entrepreneurs, and many sales professionals frequently find... Read More

    3-D Printed Homes In Maryland? Well…Maybe Someday!

    By Admin | May 14, 2015

    Maryland’s real estate news is fairly predictable—at least when compared with some of the stories that filter in from the rest of the world.  Here in Baltimore, for instance, wherever a new home is being built, you’re likely to see familiar evidence like stacks of lumber and drywall, cartons of nail gun ammo, sacks of... Read More

    Maryland Green Homes add Green to Owners’ Wallets

    By Admin | April 27, 2015

    Whether we see it as evidence of the advance of a wider green homes movement or simply of rising environmental consciousness, Maryland green homes are becoming properties with a distinct marketable sales advantage.  What were once viewed as altruistic gestures practiced by only the most dedicated preservationists are now going mainstream—and at a rapid clip.... Read More