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    Maryland Real Estate Watchers Give Price Graph a Double-Take

    By Admin | August 23, 2015

    When Maryland real estate trackers keep tabs on the progress of the national rebound, they note the findings of the major pollsters and data miners, read what the pundits have to offer, and look at charts and graphs – lots of charts and graphs. The graphs that chart residential real estate price history for the... Read More

    Maryland Home Ownership and the American Dream Debate

    By Admin | August 19, 2015

    This summer, Maryland home owners have been experiencing both the start of a blistering political season and, simultaneously, what the newspaper writers call the ‘summer silly season.’  The politicians have hit the campaign trail in earnest, but in many other realms, folks tend to be on vacation (or mentally wishing they were).  The result is... Read More

    How-to Books Can’t Guarantee Maryland Real Estate Agent Success

    By Admin | August 18, 2015

    There is an interesting theory about why some Maryland real estate agents complete so many more home purchases than do others, and it really isn’t that ‘success breeds success’ (although the thing we call “momentum” is certainly real enough).  It truly has to do with being able to harness two somewhat opposing character traits. In... Read More

    Maryland “For Sale By Owner Signs” are Becoming an Endangered Species

    By Admin | August 14, 2015

    They may be getting rarer, but you still see some Maryland area “For Sale by Owner” signs from time to time.  Sometimes they signify an owner who, truth be told, simply doesn’t mind letting it be known that he or she isn’t in much of a hurry to sell the place.  This can be true... Read More

    Maryland Home Prices Should Sweeten… “According To The News”.

    By Admin | August 12, 2015

    Maryland’s real estate picture usually differs little from that of the nation as a whole.  The latest rumblings from the mass media and web continue to bolster a picture of rising values and quickening activity – a sweet story with hardly a whisper of a sour note.  In fact the unanimity of voices from almost... Read More

    Maryland Virtual Tours: They Come in a Variety of Flavors!

    By Admin | August 7, 2015

    For many homes that will be listed for sale in Maryland, virtual tours will be part of their prospective buyers’ experience.  It’s increasingly common that in addition to the eye-catching still photographs that enhance the online listing, some form of clickable virtual tour is there, as well. Most frequently found are virtual tours that are... Read More

    When Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Your Maryland Realtor®?

    By Admin | August 2, 2015

    It’s true of any commercial offering: sometimes a perfectly saleable item just doesn’t move off the shelves as rapidly as predicted.  Trust me, Real Estate is no exception.  Not every Maryland home is sold as quickly as its owner and the property’s Realtor® wish.  When this occurs, and the term of the original listing expires,... Read More

    Maryland’s Real Estate MLS… A Home Search History Lesson!

    By Admin | July 30, 2015

    When you put your Baltimore home on the market, your most effective marketing mechanism isn’t the front yard “For Sale” sign.  Now don’t get me wrong, that sign is certainly one way to generate valuable neighborhood awareness, but it’s FAR from #1.  It’s also not the well-designed ad your Realtor® publishes, even if its in the... Read More

    Maryland First Time Homebuyers Have a Question to Answer

    By Admin | July 27, 2015

    Historically low mortgage interest rates have been a lifeline for many Maryland first time homebuyers in recent years, keeping home ownership within reach for many who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to make the leap.  For them, and for all the other first time area homebuyers, the fact that home values have continued to rise... Read More

    Maryland Mortgage Rates Projected to Rise Sooner, Rather than Later

    By Admin | July 24, 2015

    Now that we are deep into July, with summer in full swing, there might be vague thoughts running through your mind about some potential real estate moves—but certainly not until the fall.  Right now in this very moment all most of us are thinking about is whether or not another chilled glass of summer-something-or-other is... Read More